New Windows: Should You Choose Wood or Vinyl?

There are a number of things to consider when getting new windows, such as size, shape, style, manufacturer and even the contractor who you will hire to install them. However, one of the decisions that seem to take a backseat in the minds of homeowners, until they are finally ready to buy, is what material the windows will be made of. While many homeowners today are opting for vinyl, there are still many that prefer the classic look and feel of wood. As you consider the windows that you will place in your home, consider these pros and cons of the two varieties.

Vinyl This manufactured material is highly effective for insulation purposes. It can hold heat in during the cooler winter months and keep it out when the hot summer sun rises. Vinyl replacement windows come with dual weather stripping, which creates an extra tight seal and helps to eliminate drafts that negatively impact the energy efficiency of your home.

Furthermore, they are resistant against the harmful rays of the sun, which means added protection against fading of curtains, rugs and other materials just inside the window.

This variety of window requires very little maintenance and is very easy to clean because it is smooth and non-porous. There is no need to scrape and paint, as one would have to do with wood frames. Furthermore, they don’t have as much response to moisture, which reduces the chances of rot and mold formation; there is less shrinking and swelling as a result.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of vinyl windows is the cost. Window contractors highly recommend them, yet they are generally less expensive than the wooden variety. At a reasonable price, they also come with fantastic warranties.

Wood It would seem, given what was written above, that no one would want to choose wood. Vinyl does have a lot to offer, but there are also reasons why wood windows are still manufactured today.

Wood also provides natural insulation against the outdoor elements. Outfitted with superior weather stripping, it does a fantastic job as reducing drafts and maintaining a pleasant temperature within the home. Wood window frames also help to absorb sound, which keeps road noise out. They are, however, going to require maintenance. That being said, many people enjoy the fact that wooden frames allow them to change their look regularly. They can be painted or stained to match the décor of the room, so they blend in, rather than standing out. Furthermore, individuals in the business of restoring older homes, love the fact that they give an authentic look and feel, where vinyl feels cold and out of place.

Unfortunately, wood frames remain the more expensive option, which is why many window installation contractors handle fewer of them than the other variety. Wooden frames require the use of natural resources. Thus, they are entirely unique and original each and every time. There is a high demand for that natural look today and these frames are not churned out at the same rate as their vinyl counterparts. As a result there is an issue of supply and demanding pushing the price upward. Given that, wooden woods can actually increase the value of your home to a greater degree than vinyl.

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